Our Services

We offer Top of The Line Business Solution

We support small and medium enterprises and help them enhance their business process and work efficiently through our technology solutions.

SICS provides small & medium enterprises appropriate business solutions and assists them to focus on their core capabilities. SICS offers wide-ranging business support services and innovative solutions to meet the twin crucial needs of your business – cost-benefit advantage and operational excellence.

Committed to create a positive change in your business operations SICS will implement processes and strategies working assiduously as your partner.

Our development process comes with Problems/Requirements Analyses, Solution Identification, Coding/Programming, Testing, and Launching; and is under strict control of our project management. Our aim is to turn a general requirement into a unique tool-kit, which specifically matches your needs.

Our developers specialise in .NET application development coupled with back-end database design and integration. We embrace standard development practices to ensure efficient communication between our engineers and our customers. Our team guarantees to continuously keep up-to-date with the latest .NET technologies in order to hand over innovative and unique solutions to customers.

ERP Solution

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems will help coherently integrate all your internal as well as external management information covering the entire operational functions such as finance, accounts, production and marketing. Thus, ERP will provide you total transparency of all the key processes across various departments leading to more effective coordination and increased productivity.

Since same software is used across all departments, there will be a unified and single reporting system. It helps you to analyze the management information and know work progress in real time, across all the departments. ERP systems make it convenient for order tracking, inventory monitoring, revenue checking, market forecasting, sales follow-ups and all other business related activities. In short, with our custom ERP development we ensure that we streamline and integrate various operation processes and flow of information and synergize the four basic resources of a business organization - men, machine, material and money.